Cordell Klier & Datura 1.0 - Repeal Compulsion

First, take a sound artist with a reputation for being very expansive towards his work while wielding an uncompromising sophistication with his overall vision. Next, take the counter cultured irreverence of a long standing veteran of the American noise scene, mostly known for his "less is more" approach, yet with a sound so vehement, most audience members leave from inner ear blood clots. Now, get them in the same gallery space, and force them at gunpoint to make a world-class ambient noise release. Well my dear listeners consider yourself lucky; this bar raising achievement will make you chortle with fluid enthusiasm. Finally, wrap it all up with a striking cover piece by the up-&-coming Minneapolis abstract artist Autumn Dulian, "Repeal compulsion" is one fine piece of ambient noise. Two greats, equals one amazing selection.

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