Dale Lloyd - Enabling Articulate Fields

Composed for EARLabs in June, 2003, using field recordings and electronic embellishments from a Moog Concertmate MG-100 analog synthesizer. Some of the field sources were derived from air pressure moving the front door of my apartment during a very windy evening. The ventilation that moves through the building adds to the air pressure. Having a window open during the windy night, makes the door move erratically, especially if the window in the hallway is also open. Other field sources include a university power generator, various room acoustics, and the motor of a damaged cd player. Aside from producing his own sound work, Dale also runs the and/OAR label centered around field recordings, electroacoustic and other experimental sound works; and also produces the field recording compilations for phonography.org. More about Dale and his activities: and-oar.org.

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