Emerald Adrift - The Purple Forbidden Enclosure

Track 1: The Purple Forbidden Enclosure (53:35)

Ethereal Live welcomes Emerald Adrift to the net label with a beautiful live set of genre-jumping sounds that will be sure to please. Emerald Adrift has numerous Creative Commons releases with Earth Mantra and Just not Normal net labels and has performed live at Different Skies, City Skies, and Electro-Music festivals around the country. A trained classical musician and composer, Emerald Adrift's musicality is high caliber, focused, and well executed both live and in the studio.

The Purple Forbidden Enclosure is no exception in quality in the quiver of Emerald Adrift's releases. This set was recorded live at the Kansas City Electro-Music Festival in 2010 and is full of surprises. Most notable about the release is Emerald Adrift's unique ability to transition effortlessly from one genre to another. This longform live set glides from gentle piano ambience, with jazz and classical influences, to celestial night-sky space music, to experimental terrain that recalls Morton Subotnick and some of the early sounds of electronic music. This is an album to get lost in. A powerful sonic experience that never overly indulges in sounds, leaving just enough space for a wonderfully introspective journey.

Visit Emerald Adrift at: http://relaxedmachinery.ning.com/profile/EmeraldAdrift

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