George Christian-Three Dimensions of Unrecognizement and Other Unknown Reaches

"Infinito Indom·vel Inonim·vel" was recorded in January-February, 2010. With sound sources by Colt Kirkpatrick (Mister Sleepy) and Danielle Demos (Owl Dreams).
"Unrecognizable Fantasy I" was recorded in July, 2010. With sound sources by Tod Shelton (Vaginia Ludwigia).
"Unrecognizable Fantasy II" was recorded in August-September, 2010. With sound sources by Tod Shelton (Vaginia Ludwigia).
"Kosmic Samba" was recorded in January, 2011.
"Falling of the Starry Nights (Study in Contrasts and Setbacks)" was recorded in April-May, 2011. With sound sources by Igor Jovanovic (Lezet).
"Alien Tune" was recorded in June, 2011.
"Nuclear Prayer" was recorded in April, 2011

Used softwares: Cool Edit Pro 2.0, Ableton Live 7.0, Audacity, Nero Wave Editor.

Photos taken by Danielle Demos (Owl Dreams)

Special thanks to the collaborators Colt Kirkpatrick, Danielle Demos, Igor Jovanovic and Tod Shelton.

Main Websites:

George Christian - http://soundcloud.com/georgechristian; http://www.myspace.com/georgechristianmusic; http://georgechristian.bandcamp.com/
Lezet - http://soundcloud.com/lezet; http://www.myspace.com/LEZET1
Mister Sleepy - http://soundcloud.com/colt_austin
Owl Dreams - http://soundcloud.com/owldreams; http://www.myspace.com/owldreamsmusic
Vaginia Ludwigia - http://soundcloud.com/vaginialudwigia; http://www.myspace.com/casualasnotbreathing

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