KRIMINAALISET METSÃNHALTIJAT - NATO (Pro-duplicated tape, ltd. ed. 60)
Activated a few years ago, after a long hibernation, KRIMINAALISET METSÃNHALTIJAT continues to release old remastered recordings. âNatoâ is their last tape (recorded in 2004) - we can hear there five heavy, hatefull and doomed tracks. Gigantic dangerous sound waves press like a snowslide. Falling into the ears as a sharp noise currents, destroying the brains like a road roller which smashes little snail. Anarchic power-electronics as it is: roaring feedbacks, metal junk noise attacks, fat synthesizers and powerful vocal, which shouts about rotten society, disgusting politicians and other corrupted bastards. Amazing anarcho-industrial album from uncanny, original and mysterious band.

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