Necrasota - Заживо (Alive)

"Заживо (Alive)" is the first work of Necrasota recorded in 2007. It consists of five short and energetic heavy electronics tracks. Two bonus tracks were added later: "Эпилепсия (Epilepsy)" (formerly entitled "Эпилептические опыты (Epileptic Experiments)") from the first work of project and "Вскрытие пульсирующей плоти (Pulsating Flesh Dissection)" recorded live at "Slaughter Zone" fest.

"Заживо (Alive)" was the first attempt to express an atmospere of emotional experiences using tools of convulsive heavy electronics. "Заживо (Alive)" is a dying spring, a suicidal samurai tradition, Mishima's iron roses, fear abundance and barbed wire on grey barracks, a beauty defamed, a communion with the Great One.

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