Nihil Obstat - Reclamation

"Reclamation" is defined as "the process of reclaiming something from loss or from a less useful condition". This encapsulates not only the particular aim of this album, but the ideals of Nihil Obstat as a whole: the creation of noise for people who do not need to be sold tired fascist/nationalist ideals or boring, outdated and inaccurate misanthropic/misogynist theories/practices. Nihil Obstat is for noise/power-electronics fans who realize that noise, as a genre, is legitimate even without the constant shock value that tends to be attached to it (often for no honest reason other than to move units of limited editions). Finally, N.O. is for those whose minds and hearts have not been corroded and closed by extremist fanaticism, those who still possess some degree of an open mind and inquisitive nature, who refuse to take anything at face value without at least a cursory search for truth.

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