NVE [Neverberated vs. Elektrobi]

NVE is an album recorded by two different personalities working with Far From Showbiz. Neverberated is an uncompromised harsh noise project while Elektrobi is a project of endless electronic experiments [E.E.E.] often very close to so called "IDM". Paradoxically, together make ideal entirety - each of them performs the compositions of "the opponent" in his way. They worked with the albums "Rebirth 2.0" and "1+1" - but those who expect to hear tracks close to the original versions will be very surprised. NVE is not something petty, it's a completely new quality - on the part of Neverberated you can expect harsh noise with a big portion of "anti-rhythm", industrial noise and experimental noise, while Elektrobi surprises with hard power noise compositions. NVE will surely be something of a stunner for the listeners of both artists, and certainly not a disappointment for heavy electronics fans.

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