Pink Priest - Goddess video

"This triptych of music videos, which accompanies Pink Priest's release on Kimberly Dawn Records, unites pertinent visual textures with each distinctive track. The harsh noise of Part I "Slept In Caverns" accentuates the ancient primitive nihilism and aggressiveness that remains in a caged iguana. In macro closeup, it's as if the sound is following the contours of the rough reptilian skin, while double exposures push the imagery into abstraction. Part 2 "Platonic Headdress" uses timeless black and white 16mm footage of two silhouettes exploring an abandoned, rotting house while the meandering melody of the track explores it's own washed-out, buried-over aural space. The final part of this long decrescendo, "You Would Like to Talk to Me About Loneliness" entombs the ambient drone melody deep inside an endless country field covered in snow and fog. All are bookended by hand painted, back-lit title screens which compound the subtle beauty of the entire piece." - Lee Noble
Pink Priest: http://godofblues.blogspot.com
Univers/Elementum Nº 007 http://universelementum.blogspot.com/2010/06/goddess.html

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