Wavespan - Tilling the Soul

All sounds come from organic sound sources. The majority of sounds come from field recordings of various metal and wood structures [bridges, sculptures, metal posts] in Santa Cruz County (CA, USA). 'Dark Corridor' was recorded on 4-track and performed with several household objects, bells, and voice. 'Piano in Slow Motion 1-3' feature recordings made in December, 2006 using a Bluthner piano and digital recorder. I also sampled and looped a tiny piece from dw019 for 'Piano in Slow Motion 1'. I have chosen the title 'Piano in Slow Motion 4' for a remix of Caleb Deupree's 'Cathedral,' from wh101. Caleb and I communicated following the release of wh101, which featured tracks from both of us. I asked him to send me the different layers he used for the piece (originally performed on piano), and I remixed and reassembled them into 'Piano in Slow Motion 4.' Ryan Villegas and Lauren Borowsky performed some of the sounds heard on 'Metal Field.' The Bridge (Part 2)' is a companion piece to 'The Bridge' from JON7NET029. The title-track was performed on gong and recorded on 4-track. Netlabel kingpin Mystified and I have worked on several projects together, so he did the final three tracks, which are remixes.

Mastering by
john mcCaig | panicStudios

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