Elías Merino- Environment

Environment is the third instalment of the personal project by Elías Merino from Madrid. After a few years collaborating with the electronic ensemble Nhug, Merino releases on Audiotalaia its third release as a solo project.

Environment, at first hearing, comes as a dark ambient release but after a careful listening one can realise that we are in front of something else. Effectively, Merino presents a three track album full of nuances and details that provides us with a new perspective. It seems that even that Merino seeks to find a space somewhere in between dark industrial sounds and a more electroacoustic approach in terms of composition.

It is remarkable the use of different sound sources and how this are combined with silence and tension between sound scenes. We can see how the album, even that each track has specific themes, shifts from one track to the other using similar elements but always changing.

Merino also provides a conceptual background to his oeuvre, attached to the release, the text is written in spanish. We donât dare to translate it because of its nature.


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