june lauren prescott - per suonarsi con calcolatore rotto

June Lauren Prescott is a young student of musicology at the university of Graz. It was only recently that she became interested in the computer as an artistic aid. The debut ep features interpretations of works from the baroque era.
It starts with two toccate, Matthias Weckmann's toccata in re minore followed by toaccata in fa maggiore bwv 450 by the famous Johann Sebastian Bach. Next is a take on of Orlando Gibbons fantasia in la minore. The rear end light, shining bright, is a wonderful version of Joseph Bodin de Boismortier's la decharnee.
You'll probably heard electronic cover versions of (pre-)classical pieces before, but this one is different: It's not meant to be funny and it's not meant to be cool. Prescott is not paying tribute to the zeitgeist, rather she's driven by the desire to crystallize the essence of these baroque compositions.

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