lair - welcome to the void

Lair is: Jose Daniel De La Rosa (music/lyrics/vox) Noelia Garza (lyrics/main vox)



1) "After the Rain"

We all attempt to decipher why we've become the "miscreants"; miscreants peering back at us from beyond the

quicksilver vanity glass. We try to understand why nothing has changed: our frail vessels; our raging

Give up your wishes. Wake up! you're dreaming. Welcome perpetual descent. This is divinity. This is irony;

reality of existence. We are the heathen winds blowing through your hair while you ingnite your judgments. Wet

is the nourishment bestowed upon that which you reap from our soiled limbs......
Make..."right"...all...of...your..."righteous...truths" ----
Beneath the moon...sprouts...forth...the...wisdom...of the endless ----
Beneath the moon sprouts for the wisdom of the endless!

2) "Aires Obscuros" (Dark Winds)

This "dark wind" refers to the unending unknown and the invisible energies that race across its courses..a

place of nirvana/heaven/sanctuary etc...This is where we want to be; where we wish to escape to; a place amidst

a sea of magic and energy where "celestial voices" sing songs of creation and destruction......lets leave this

"horrible place". We will search for our "guide/shaman" who will "take us away" near the "divine stars".

-Almas Rotas-
-Humanos Feas-
-Adriendo en Hodia-
-(con) la Vida tan Mala-
Voces celestiales
con corazones rabiosos
Esta es el producto del vida
Esta es el ijo de desdèn
Chivo expiatorio
Soy sangre en lodo
Soy tierra
Sini fè
Carne y hueso sin vida
Cuerpo sin alma
Vacìo de calòr
pero lleno de fuego (x2)
"Cuando la luna esta llena, ven por mi. Te espero en el monte. Los arboles me cuidan ayi. Cuando la luna esta

llena, ven con migo. Llevanos "Aries Obscuros" hasta las estrellas divinas. En donde esta mi brujo? Hasta las

estrellas divinas.."

3) "Souls Scattered in the Sky"

This is an anology for stars in space. The variety of elements that exist in our planet, including all living

creatures, is here due to the emissions from the many stars forming in the infinate. As a star gains density,

it eventually implodes and sprays crumbs of it's make into all directions. Gravity eventually pulls roaming

elements to its core, and in time, you have a soup of elements that collectivly forms the stuff of life.

Aimlessly drifting through darkness
A cosmic ocean of stars; of souls
Far beyond the realm of time
Drowning in a sea of magic and energy
Far beyond the reach of gods..
Far beyond the lights of life..
Voices penetrate the mist in the sky
Spirits calling to those who will die
Those from above are those from before;
those who will suffer no more.
Visions of spirits wandering above;
watching as the world burns.............

4) "Requiem for a Mind".

Sepulcures as far as the eye can see. These graves are tombs of the past. This land goes on for ever. These

grounds are dark and vast. Maggots feed on memories here. Only winds may speak to me. All I feel is fear.
Gradually melting away ---- I don't know my name!
I must be broken ---- Unable to dream!
Unable to wonder ---- Unable to breath!
Frustration ---- My body burns in ire!
Speak to me ---- You speak to no one!
There is no substance ---- Generic and incomplete!

5) "All Mysteries Revealed"

Life is only sustained in order to revel in the grandure of the journey beyond.
of enchantment
through release;
(during) Cosmic travel
energies dispersed
into the godless voids
of eternity.
My morbid obsession comes before all.
Where there is NOTHING, all mysteries revealed.
"Dreaming of enchantment through release;(during) Cosmic travel, energies dispersed into the godless voids of


6) "A Broken World" special guest vokills: Mr. E. [SWORN]

The sun rises, but gives me no warmth.
I dwell in a prison of wood, steel, and flesh.
I drown in a pool of sweat, tears, and blood.
(during) the time in my wake (is) invested in dreaming of death.
Everthing is broken; unnatural. We are lost and forgotten in the void. One day, it will all come to an end. I

will be free. My ONE wish.....
There are no prayers, only anticipation of what is to come; (of) what lies ahead. "Sweet sirenity," my anchor

within chaos.....

7) "Rotting on Shore"

This is the sound track to a particular moment when our character is reflecting on his/her doomed negative fate.
This character has just passed from a previous existence of a life of failure and dissappointment (not just personally, but within the world around him/her). In the end, he/she was killed and his/her body was dumped into the ocean, off a rocky granite shore line...THIS is the end of the first existence.
Years pass and now the body is returning, washing upon the shore. Now even the ocean and its vastness has rejected this forgotten soul. The night's dreary white eye witnesses a decomposing corpse of a lonely man/woman...a fool who has succumbed to abuse, neglect, and extermination at the hands of a foul, rigid world on land...only to be, yet again, denied by the ocean, his/her supposed eternal resting place.....
Oh this worthless, forgotten, unwanted man/woman! There he/she lays upon a gloomy, desolate shore line; his/her "purgatory" on earth within a lifeless body. Doomed to lay in wait, all he/she can see is the infinate sky that silently stares at him/her and his/her failures between worlds.

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