Lucas Darklord-Knowing Participation

A complex series of abstract sonic tales and explorations weave multiple lines, paths and circuits in attempting to convey both a raft and a depth of potential learning. Knowing Participation is both 8 stand-alone pieces, as well as 8, 8 part stories.

Complex negotiation both of and with this work is advised.

"...[T]hese steps, all leading both forwards and backwards, only tell us one thing. That when you break a leg, it's not the leg that is broken, it is a bone that is broken."

Correct listening with minimal distraction, preferably in darkness or low light, at high volume, and ideally on head phones. Optimal listening achieved after the third listen to the whole album.

All the sound on this release was drawn from a single piece by Artist, Joanne Cunningham. Often with numerous passes of processing, sampling from the original work, then sampling from the sample, and then sampling from that sample, and so on.

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