Machinoir & Lucas Darklord-11.11.11

11.11.11 carries an intensity unlike anything before. Machinoir unleashes disembodied voices that carry through Lucas Darklord's post-apocalyptic landscape. Crushing noise counters complex atmospherics to deliver the most grim recording ever produced.

For this release each artist has produced a single track. The tracks work individually however they are intended to also be listened to simultaneously with 2 stereo systems (4 channels) to give you an entirely different experience.

This world's last goodbye; 11.11.11

11.11.11 Part 1 - Machinoir; 11.11.11 Part 2 - Lucas Darklord; 11.11.11 Part 3 - Machinoir & Lucas Darklord

Machinoir & Lucas Darklord's 11.11.11 is the 70th release on the futuristic virtual record label, Crypt Designers Guild. Perfect listening at high volume, in darkness or minimal light, with minimal external distraction.

An end for everyone.

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