Morphine Bandit-- Wave Motions EP

This EP has been created with a special unique device which consists of a mix of electronic sounds manipulations and human gestures. The result is 4 drones with classical sweeping frequencies, endless reverberations and subtle elements in the background emitting extreme minimal pulsations.

Here are Morphine Bandit's other projects:

Artificial Heart (ambient, drone, soundscapes, noise) http://artificialheart.bandcamp.com

Cryptic Mao (dark ambient, drone, space) http://crypticmao.bandcamp.com

Empty Flat Resonance (dark ambient, drone, space) http://emptyflatresonance.bandcamp.com

François d’Eybastens (drone, noise, soundscapes) http://deybastens.bandcamp.com

The 17 Sons of Abraxas (ambient, drone, space) http://the17sonsofabraxas.bandcamp.com

The Glittering Hand (ambient, drone, noise) http://theglitteringhand.bandcamp.com

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