Secrets of the 45 - Reweler Móthan Paluditango

"Songs by Polish crooner Mieczysław Fogg, sampled, repurposed, reconstructed. The dark and murky aspect of the reveller music has been stressed here, combining the black / white elegant image of singers from the 40s with an image of sad lovers, drowning in swamps, surrounded by flowers, wrinkled drunkards stumbling through empty streets" SOT 45

Whirling strings, looped and distorted pianos, elegant vocals turning into crumpled howls - alternately shining and dark atmospheres, retaining the melancholy of Fogg's music, but creating a trance-like underworld of their own, from the rather pretty orchestral tunes 1 i 2, through quite menacing tune 3, ending in a minimalistic "Patrzył...".

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