Bleak, lightless, lifeless. Crushing Interstellar Doom. Cold dead worlds. Rogue planets lost in voids. SOLE-OBSCVRATO is nothingness. It is the expanded universe, with voids larger than the speed of light. It is stars, collapsed and cold. It is black holes consuming matter. It is dark matter nebula. Fields of force, contorting a lifeless universe. As it should be.

Blot out the stars. Wipe them away.

For the life still remaining, optimum listening in total darkness, at the highest tolerable sound pressure levels. The end of all life is coming. It will start with the nearest star.

gone - cold tongues, steel, and time machines

hvd Vs - space, voids, realities, machines and nebulous breath

SOLE-OBSCVRATO is the 68th (sixty eighth) release on the futuristic virtual record label, Crypt Designers Guild.

(Crypt Designers Guild supports the end of the Earth's Sun and the extinction of all life. Crypt Designers Guild does not support acts of violence or limited Death.)

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