Somnium - Arachnophobia EP

"Arachnophobia EP" is a work of a new project Somnium by ky who recently in collaboration with DNA Production released an album of the same name. It was last work under his old project Null, and now he starts working as Somnium.
Somnium debut work slightly differs from previous release. Less Troum influence, expressive composition of tracks which contrast with each other to reach some new level of development. This is totally new work with new ideas and fresh approach. Also "Arachnophobia EP" revives Short Drones series. It was ky's desire, and I'm very grateful to him for that.
Araneae is built on endless loops of steel drum Kalimba which are slowly sinking in waves of strings chords and low-frequency drones. It reaches a peak when the drones meet cacophony of high-frequency noises as fear turns to panic horror. Then seconds later Araneae dramatically looses power and returns to the Kalimba loops with eerie feelings staying at the heart of a listener.
Unlike the first track, Scorpiones is much calm. It's made of hundreds tiny ambient layers, pieces of drones and string chords fragments. Main theme for Scorpiones is a melody piece which is one breath cycle long. And it naturally starts to breathe like a sleeping man when the melody loops consecutively along the whole track. Driven by drone pulsations, Scorpiones oscillates measuredly tempting a listener to fall into a dreaming state where reality looses its boundaries and human brain follows a way of subconsciousness.

As it written above, "Arachnophobia EP" is a part of Short Drones series - "Short Drones Part X".

ky: bass, effects, mixing, mastering
Ginevra: steel drum Kalimba on track 1
Calliope: photography, artwork

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