Datura 1.0 vs! Slutmachine - Alien Cranial Vivisection

"Alien Cranial Vivisection" was recorded by Datura 1.0 and Slutmachine in the Summer of 1897 using equipment salvaged from crashed flying saucers, a carrot and some face-plate insertion technical manuals delivered to the side door by a blind Mexican Praying Mantis trainer. No flying squirrels were harmed in the making of this recording. Bicycle seats were painted with gold metal flake paint in the Olde Tyme Way, ground to a fragrant powder and then inserted backwards into a Flugelhorn while reciting the lyrics to "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" into a temporal vortex manufacturing calibrator.Because "Rhinoceros eggs are as good as a Chimpanzee in a knife-fight". Datura 1.0 and Slutmachine endorse but do not use radio-active injection molded barn destroyer modules.

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