Ka-baalim & Bunk Data - The Insomniati: One 'the light that burns twice as bright can't sleep at night'

"The difference between the occult, the illuminated, the hyper-paranoid and the insomniatic sleep deprived states is slight indeed." Lord Byron Applegate, III

"The Insomniati: One" subtitled "The Light that Burns Twice as Bright Can't Sleep at Night" explores the waking dream hyper-reality that can be created through periods of extended insomnia. Musically Ka-baalim and Bunk Data conjure dark slabs of alchemically constructed ambience. The music is punctuated by a series of different voices and stories. Whether or not these stories are linked and form an overarching narrative may be something that only the sleep deprived, the illuminated and esoterically aware can decipher.

Also included with the album is a complete illustrated short story with strong structural ties to the music. The story takes the cut-up methods of Burroughs and Gysin and updates and adapts them according to the needs and aesthetics of the project. It is an oblique travelogue through childhood, life, sex and death and ends in questions. The accompanying art is erotically charged, polymorphous, constantly curious, cosmic and personal, Each piece is suitable for framing and shines new light on the Insomniati experience as a whole.

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